A rectangular Pokéball for pigments


Smaller, sleeker, and much more powerful than its predecessor, the Pico is our favorite Cube’s younger sibling. The size of your finger, Pico puts color knowledge at your fingertip, letting you record hues and shades from around you, to use as inspiration or reference for your work.

Partnering with the Pico app on your phone, you can record a vast multitude of colors from around you, giving them your own names, creating a color library of your life. Pico’s small size makes it easier to carry around with you, and it even comes with a hole for a lanyard, letting you hang it around your neck! A simple single button interface allows you to ‘click’ colors by simply placing the Pico directly on top of the color you want to capture and hitting the shutter button. Pico’s color matching engine allows it to perfectly capture color values, and even cross-reference them with color guides and standards, so whether you use those colors digitally or in print/paint, you know that what you see is what you get. Designed in black anodized aluminum, the Pico feels incredibly slick and premium and we’re putting it on our must-buy list for all designers!

Designer: Palette

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