Non-electric waterpik!

The Pocket Flosser is the perfect addition to the Be. toothbrush, giving you the best electric oral care experience without electricity or batteries. Using ingenuity, and principles of physics, the Pocket Flosser is a waterpik that can clean your teeth effectively using water or even your mouthwash. Relying on an internal pump that lets you build high pressure, the Pocket Floss can shoot out a jet-stream of water, cleaning the areas between your teeth just like a floss would, but without the pain and the bleeding that can sometimes accompany flossing.

Just pour water into the Pocket Flosser (or a mouthwash of your choice) and pump air into the flosser, building the pressure inside. When you do, out comes the water in a jet that can dislodge pieces of food stuck between your teeth. The Pocket Flosser holds enough water to last one session.

Designed to be pocket-friendly, and most importantly wireless, the Pocket Flosser can even be taken on travels, allowing you to keep your pearly whites pearly no matter where you are. All you need is water!

Designer: Carlo Ricafort

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