A Sweet Spot for Succulents

As one of mother nature’s naturally sculptural elements, succulents are deserving of a home just as artistic as they are. The Capsule planter by Gavin Rea is precisely what I’m talking about! Its ultramodern form (in pure white) is a perfect place to plant and put your favorite succulents on display.

Ideal for compact living quarters, it’s designed to hang on any wall to save valuable desk, table or counter space. It mounts to the wall using standard carriage bolts available at any hardware store. The planter itself simply slides on and off using familiar T slots in the back. Better yet, each plant pots is removable for repotting or replacing plants so you can mix and match them or switch up your style at any time. Because of their delicate watering requirements, it also sports a spiral drainage system to prevent water accumulation that results in root rot. Its cool capsule shape is a perfect compliment to modern interiors and is sure to make you and your succulent buddies happy!

Designer: Gavin Rea

capsule_layout 2