This smartphone kickstand doubles as battery bank with wireless charging capability

There’s no denying the fact that mobile devices, especially smartphones take up a major chunk of our time, be it for killing time or productive tasks. Placing the phone ergonomically for a better viewing position while consuming multimedia content or working at the desk is where a stand comes in handy.

Of course, you need to charge your phone if binge-watching is your thing, and this is where a power bank is useful. If you get both in one accessory then it’s even better.

Designer: 白底图

Dubbed Solove, this ergonomic kickstand for both Apple and Android smartphones is a simple yet useful accessory for work-from-home regimes or content consumption while sitting back comfortably. The stand is loaded with a wireless charging pad to juice up your phone, and can be charged with a USB cable too. For Apple devices, the MagSafe-compatible wireless charger sticks to the base, so you can carry it around. When in the standing position the accessory’s own weight (it’s a battery bank, remember) makes it more sturdy and less prone to accidentally toppling over with a slight nudge.

The kickstand comes with clips on the front to hold the phone in place while sitting on a desk or table. On the back, there’s a retractable kick-stand that can be concealed in the battery bank when not needed. When the battery bank’s power starts to deplete it can be charged via the wall outlet just like any other battery bank. Although this accessory is still a concept, it could easily make for a viable real product that people would love buying, since it fuses two useful accessories into one without compromising on the form factor.

Solove comes in a pearl white finish that lends it a premium character and keeps all the indicators and icons in clear view. Making it in matte black would be another feasible option for people who have black-colored devices, still, I would go for the color that the designer chose!