QWSTION Likes to Question The Norm

As an urban jet setter there are times when I see my life falling apart because I invested in the wrong gear. There is only so much that a bag can do and you can’t really reinvent it! So what about my needs of a bag that is between haute fashion and functionality? Something that is sustainable, high on utility and design, something that will suit my metrosexual sensibilities. That is my QWSTION!

QWSTION is the Brady Bunch from the heart of Europe where fashion thrives and manifests. However the folks here are focused on products and like any good design team, they follow the vision of improvement and believe in refining the resources they have. For example the Tote Bag (seen here in the Organic Honey Mustard) is the ideal mate for carrying books, beachwear, or office gear…no holds bar. What makes it resonate with innovation is the mobility and flexibility aspect and the fact that it made from 100% certified organic cotton.

The Tote transforms into a backpack with Simple-Strap-System. The cover flap shields the compartment, and you can access it a step quicker using the side-zip. The Hidden iPhone pocket and various zip-pockets give you many options to carry your gear without any fuss. What more can an urban outfitter like me ask for!

The piece de resistance is the signature Overnighter bag, which has been a bestseller since its inception. This bag sports a classic look and is in a more compact format. It addresses the need for a highly contemporary styled bag that is versatile. Find more tech specs here.

The overall QWSTION experience is about owning a bag that works for business as well as for leisure. The essence of these creations lies on factors like durability, timeless styles and flexibility, which make life easier. Core values that match with you and me; how about that!

On a side note, I have just recapped two of my favorites in here for you, but there thirteen styles in total, so do check them out here.

Designer: QWSTION [ Buy it Here ]