This Appliance Rocks


Second to roasting directly over a fire, cooking on hot rocks or stone is one of the oldest methods of cooking. Despite sounding somewhat antiquated, it’s still one of the best ways to experience food cooked to perfection! However, if you don’t have a wood-fired oven or outdoor area to burn, chances are this method is out of reach. Until now, that is! The Stone Cooker brings this age-old technique into the modern home in the form of a compact appliance you can use any place where there’s a power outlet.

The internal volcanic rock is heated with electricity, making it a perfect cooking medium. Safely contained within the unit, chefs and novice cooks alike can enjoy stone cooking’s pure taste and health benefits of using very little oil and less leftover fat. Simply switch it on, set your food type, and place ingredients ranging from meat to bread and cook to your liking!

Designer: Melahat Köşeli