Why Purify Partially?


“Fine dust” doesn’t sound so menacing – in fact, it almost sounds like something you’d see trailing a cartoon fairy – but believe me when I say it’s nothing cute. Fine dust refers to particles smaller than 10 micrometres in diameter, which accumulate directly in the lungs. Long-term exposure can cause breathing difficulties or, even worse, seizures. This is one particular area where air purification comes in handy.

Designed with this in mind, the Airo purifier packs not 1 but 2 HEPA filtration systems into one unit to expand the cleaning range. The modular design adapts to different layouts, ensuring you have more than just one room that’s safe for breathing. Simply twist off the top unit and place it in any room you plan on spending more time in. Better yet, the design utilizes an innovative air-moving method that ensures air is being circulated and purified from ceiling to floor and not just vertically. The result is more thorough so you can breathe easy in any corner!

Designer: Dain Kim