Custom Print Your Walls!

Printtex Mobile Wall Printer by Benjamin Loinger

How often have you thought about painting your favorite superhero or secret fantasy on the wall across your bed? Well, with the innovative Printtex Mobile Wall Printer, peeling wallpapers and boring stencils will be a thing of the past. It has the ability to transfer digital pictures onto your wall, with limitless possibilities. Working on the principles akin to an ink-jet printer, two coordinate-sensors are used to limit the print area.

Controlled with your tablet, laptop or smartphone, you can upload and print your desired design on your wall. The printer aligns and prints within the selected area and prints each color tone separately. The sensors on the edge guide the printer and ensure precise printing.

Like the judges of the 2015 iF Design Awards opine, this design showcases the “Intelligent use of the inkjet technology to make the wall as a sheet of paper.”

Designer: Benjamin Loinger