A Very Expensive Game of Ping Pong


The lifestyles of the rich and famous are getting more insane as the days grow old. With every day that passes another mansion is sold, and another golden iPhone is bought. What I have never seen before though is a crystal ping pong table…yup, that’s right, crystal. The Italian design company Impatia have made some staggeringly overindulgent ‘sports’ equipment.

I’m not saying this isn’t the coolest thing in the world because as far as I’m concerned, I need this in my life. Made of pure crystal, there is no denying that this magnificent table is a work of art. As if the notion of having a crystal glass ping pong table wasn’t showing off enough, this table is also available with the add-on of 24 Karat gold coated connecting joints and a net handmade by an Italian goldsmith. If you ever felt bad about buying this table, you could always try to get your money’s worth by eating your Sunday dinner on it.

Designer: Adriano Design for Impatia