Bring the movie theater home with this portable Alexa-enabled smart projector

There’s been a pretty visible gap between the movie theater experience and the experience smart televisions can provide. Sure, the Smart TV can link to all your streaming apps, but it definitely doesn’t satisfy the joy of watching a storyline unfold on a large screen… and sure, movie theaters are great, but you can’t watch the match or an episode of the Mandalorian in them… also they’re effectively dead as of March 2020 with no clear sign of being revived. Nestling beautifully within that experiential gap is the WooBloo SMASH, a smart-projector that takes you on a cinematic journey while allowing you to summon movies, series, and matches across all your streaming platforms by simply asking Alexa.

The all-in-one smart projector comes with the ability to stream content across 30 platforms, all in 1080p high-definition. It even supports casting from your phone or tablet (in case you want to play content you’ve recorded or stuff from social media), and has an HDMI port for connecting your laptop, making it great for presentations or if you’re a bit of a cord-cutter. The SMASH’s patent-pending design comes with built-in 360° speakers that push out booming audio to match the 10-foot screen being cast by SMASH’s 300 ANSI HD LED projector. There’s even a miniature display on the SMASH’s body and an integrated remote for easy navigation, although they simply play the second fiddle to the fact that the projector has Alexa built right into it. If that wasn’t enough, SMASH even has its own human concierge service that’s always available for support… just in case you’ve got questions that are above Alexa’s pay-grade.

Just set the SMASH up at a strategic location and the auto-focus and auto-keystone correcting feature kicks in to give you clear, un-distorted video, while the full-range speakers and passive radiators turn your room into a makeshift home-theater. If you intend to use the SMASH for work, support for AirPlay and Chromecast make it easy to share content from your phone or tablet with the projector. Echo Noise Cancellation even makes conference calls easier, allowing the projector to serve more purposes than being just a movie-streaming device. Plus, with a 3-hour battery life (and a charging dock for wired usage), the SMASH should get you through it all… movies, meetings, matches, and even series bingeing sessions!

Designer: WooBloo

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WooBloo SMASH: Portable 300 Lumens Smart Projector

The SMASH is the first smart projector that comes with Alexa compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity so you can project movies and TV shows in your living room, bedroom, or backyard.

Watch All Your Shows On a Big Screen

Bright colors and vibrant contrasts, as it’s powered by DLP technology and offers a 4-inch LED display. This display is complemented by a 360-degree surround sound and passive radiators to provide a rich sound. SMASH also offers an extensive 30-hour battery life for listening to music and three hours for video streaming, so you won’t experience any low-battery interruptions.

The secondary display can play and showcase song details (current as well as the next in the queue) when you connect it to a smartphone. On the other hand, it displays a typical wallpaper with the date and time when no smartphone is connected to it.

Alexa Built-in

If you’re an Alexa user or would like to experience the power of smart home connectivity, you can easily do so with the Woobloo SMASH.

Picture Quality

Places You Can Use SMASH

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $699 (42% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!