UNA gives you the thrill to grill anywhere you want!


The only grill to be inducted into MoMA’s (Museum of Modern Art) Design Store, the UNA is portable and pretty nifty. With a body made from two powder-coated sheets of stainless steel that cleverly fit into each other, the UNA Grill turns from a closed form to a grill in just seconds as the lid pops off the top and becomes the base for the grill. Its small size and easy-to-use design makes it perfect for grilling in outdoor spaces, and a leather leash makes it as easy to carry around with you as you would a thermos. Its tiny design makes it perfect for small groups, and the stand it comes with allows it to be operated on a table-top without the heat affecting the surface in any way. The grill surface on the inside is dual-sided, allowing you to roast food on the flat surface, or flip it over and rest skewers on the notched surface. With an entirely sheet steel body, the UNA weighs a mere 8.2 lbs and is dish-washer friendly… and when done, fits right into a storage cabinet in your kitchen, waiting to be used on another beautiful morning outdoors!

Designers: John Spaven, Jeroen Verbrugge, Willemijn Verduijn & Amir Soubra.

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