A Headband Aimed at Getting Better Sleep


If you have trouble sleeping, odds are it’s because you openly stared at that small block you carry around in your pocket all day shining a bright light into your eyes just before you nod off. However, if you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t do that, Philips just came out with a new headband that plays white noise to help your brain get to sleep. Aptly named the SmartSleep, this headband has a funky design, one that definitely makes it distinguishable.

By attaching sensors to the user’s forehead, SmartSleep is able to detect the user’s brain activity, thus recognizing when you’re falling asleep and when you have entered a state of sleep. The band will play a pattern of white noises which should enable the user to reach a state of REM and produce a well rested and better night’s sleep.

Albeit this thing may look a bit funky and is sure to frighten your partner when it’s the first thing they see in the morning, it may be worth it for a sound night’s sleep. Showcased at CES, the SmartSleep is definitely something worth checking out if you’re fortunate enough to be there.

Designer: Philips