Be a Chef Show-Off


Take your social food sharing to the next level with REC, the range hood that goes well beyond simple ventilation. An evolution of Samsung’s smart home product line, it’s designed to both teach and help others be taught.

First and foremost, the wall-mounted unit differs from other bulky hoods with its ultra-slim profile. This flat panel design also makes it possible for a screen to be integrated into the outward facing side. Here, users can follow new recipes with step-by-step video tutorials displayed directly over the stove. The touch-screen interface allows them to easily navigate through the recipe. Furthermore, they can share their own favorite recipes with a built-in camera system that follows their movements throughout the kitchen. Using the dedicated social sharing app called RECipe, they can browse and replicate other people’s secret family recipes or build their own following with how-to videos and yummy tutorials!

Designer: Seong ik Yoo