The Maker of Musical Maestros

What if, you could create music by just making gestures the way a conductor would? What if you could bend notes on a keyboard the way a violinist creates a tremolo, or if you could dramatically slide from one note to another the way a guitarist slides his/her finger up and down the fretboard?

The Enhancia ring turns any keyboard or MIDI instrument into a theremin-esque one. It sits on your finger, modulating pitch and frequency depending on where your finger is located. Move your hand up and down, and your notes grow more pronounced or muffled, and move it from side to side (in mid-air) to slide between notes and to create complex and beautiful tremolos that touch hearts. Unless your keyboard is the Roli Seaboard, there isn’t much you can do to dramatically modulate your sound, but no worries, because the Enhancia lets your hand weave musical signatures in thin air!

The Enhancia Ring bagged the CES Innovation Award in the Wearables Category for the year 2018.

Designer: Oria