JLab JBuds ANC 3 wireless earbuds land with a very tempting offer

True Wireless Stereo or TWS earbuds have become a staple in a world without headphone jacks. Almost every brand, from smartphone manufacturers to audio equipment experts, has a pair or two or even more. They come in all shapes, sizes, features, and prices, but few can really be called striking the perfect balance between those factors. Right at the cusp of CES 2024, JLab is attempting to take a stab at this crowded market with its third-gen JBuds ANC, packing quite a bevy of desirable features in a compact and discreet design, while also dangling a price tag that sounds almost too good to be true.

Designer: JLab

One of the biggest problems with wireless buds is their dismal battery life due to their diminutive sizes. Yes, they come with charging cases that more than double the battery life, but that requires a bit of downtime while waiting for the buds to juice up. The JBuds ANC 3, however, boasts a whopping 9 hours on a single charge, 42 hours in total if you take into account the charging case. With its eponymous ANC feature enabled, the buds’ 7-hour uptime (34 hours with the case) is still pretty impressive.

Battery life isn’t the only perk that the JBuds ANC third-gen brings to your ears. Working in the opposite direction from its active noise cancellation, the buds feature a “Be Aware” mode that lets just enough ambient sounds into your ear so that you can navigate and work safely in public. It features multipoint Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect to up to two devices and seamlessly switch between the two as needed, perfect when you need to take a call on your phone while using a paired laptop. You can also customize your listening experience completely through the JLab app, letting you fine-tune the audio quality to your liking.

Despite all these features, the JBuds ANC 3 still manages to come in a small package that disappears into the background. Even the charging case is only a little larger than a USB flash drive despite its massive battery inside. That case also has a built-in USB-C charging cable so you won’t have to fret over losing cables when you need them the most. And with an IP55 dust and water protection rating, the buds are guaranteed to be your faithful companion, come rain or shine.

All these features might sound almost common, but the $59.99 price tag that comes with them certainly isn’t. It makes the JLab JBuds ANC 3 enticing not only in terms of specs and design but also in accessibility, allowing almost anyone to enjoy hours of listening without having to break the bank.