Biking just got a whole lot interesting


Looking like the Google Glass, but infinitely better and much more useful, the Ergonomic Smart Goggles allow bikers to have an easy to access HUD display to help them navigate through maps. The HUD unit comes with several placement-adjusters that allow the riders to position the HUD crystal wherever they want, be it in front of the right eye or the left. A camera sits right between the eyebrows, capturing your ride while allowing you to send pictures and videos to your social media or just be your head-mounted dashcam. Alongside its heads-up display, the Ergonomic Smart Goggles also come with two bone-conducting panels on the left and right temples that relay audio signals to their riders without the need for them to wear earphones and therefore cut out noise from the outer world. Designed to be infinitely customizable, and completely non-intrusive, the Ergonomic Smart Goggles may just be the only piece of tech you’ll need to rely on while commuting on two wheels!

The Ergonomic Smart Goggles are a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: U2system