Charging can’t get more wireless than this

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Now that the iPhone finally joined the wireless charging bandwagon, we can finally see this space explode with products… like the Avido WiBa. Most wireless chargers aren’t truly wireless, because they do need to be connected to a power outlet, but the Avido WiBa doesn’t even need that. The WiBa is a wireless charging power bank, which means you can carry it around with you wherever you go and just snap it to the back of your phone to juice your gadget up without having to worry about cables or even power outlets! The WiBa’s 500mAh capacity lets you give your phone a full charge while a USB port on its side lets you charge a second device using a charging cable.

How do you charge the power bank then? Simple! The WiBa comes with a wireless charging dock too on which you can just place the power bank. The power bank charges wirelessly too, and you can go as far as stacking the WiBa on its dock, followed by the phone on top of the WiBa, allowing the dock to charge both the power bank as well as your device. It may look weird at first, but it’s a small price to pay to have the convenience of truly wireless charging wherever you go!

Designer: Avido

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