Clean Water, courtesy Coca-Cola


This past year we’ve seen some wonderful designs that have the potential to truly make an impact on a global scale – from portable newborn incubators to hard concentrate shampoo to name a few. But innovation doesn’t come with an expiry date, and Co-Life by Jan Tuomas Burakowski & Tuomas Jussila just shows that we’ll keep pushing the boundaries of innovation year after year.

Comprised of two plastic water bottles, a two-part connecting chamber, a ceramic filter and a bicycle pump – Co-Life forces dirty water through the ceramic filter from one bottle and collects the clean water in the opposite bottle. Seemingly simple, Co-Life has the ability to reach a wide user group around the world due to its low manufacturing cost and low part count. Not to mention the fact that Coca-Cola bottles remain one of the most readily available bottles on the planet. Open Happiness indeed!

Designers: Jan Tuomas Burakowski & Tuomas Jussila