This bedside lamp also warms your scented candle, releasing its fragrance without having to light it

Here’s something about scented candles that they don’t tell you. The fragrant oils in the candle are activated by heat, which means you don’t need to light the candle to emit the fragrance… you just need to keep it warm enough!

Meet the Retro Candle Lamp, a nifty, vintage-inspired lamp designed for your bedside table. Not only does it do the obvious job of lighting up your area with soft, ambient light, but its unique design also comes with an empty platform that you can place scented candles in. The warmth from the lamp helps activate the fragrance molecules in the candle, making it emit its sweet smell without needing to light it and potentially risk having an open flame right by your bedside!

Designer: HOOOME

Made with a vintage-style brushed, oxidized bronze-like aesthetic, the Retro Candle Lamp perfectly fits into any kind of home, whether it’s minimal or mid-century. The lamp itself comes with a 50W incandescent halogen bulb that generates warmth (unlike LEDs that don’t) to help activate the aroma molecules in the candle below. The lamp’s light can be dimmed as per your needs, and even if you want to keep the lamp off and just light the candle underneath, that’s possible too. Just make sure the candle flame isn’t too close to the bulb and you’ll be fine… and don’t ever light both at the same time! A handle on the top also lets you rotate, carry, and position the lamp anywhere without coming in contact with any part that may be hot to the touch.

The Retro Candle Lamp is a wonderful way to have your cake and eat it too, given the fact that it sufficiently lights up your place while also filling it with the aroma from the scented candle of your choice. Given that you don’t have to ever light the candle means less risk of smoke and fire, but with all the benefits of the aromatherapy that ensues! You can grab your own Retro Candle Lamp here.