The Transformer of Tractors


Trakthor is a transforming tractor concept that’s all about changing scale. Utilizing the latest in electric motors and materials, it can disassemble itself into smaller, more maneuverable units, and then reassemble itself into a bigger unit capable of pulling heavier things… all without any help from humans!

The chassis is designed to allow each wheel unlatch and roll around obstacles independently. These autonomous units allow the Trakthor to traverse varying terrains and complete separate tasks. In this mode, gyroscopic motors are activated to maintain balance.

In mode #2, Trakthor can split in two vehicles, similar in shape to a motorcycle. Slightly less maneuverable than individual units, but double the power! As technology progresses, a wide range of attachments and features for various farming activities would be made available. For example, a subsystem dedicated to tree removal or others for plowing and sowing seeds.

Designer: Ashish Thulkar & Charles Bombardier