Vintage on the outside, Wattage on the inside!


There’s a lot that the Outlaw Tracker bike achieves in terms of being different. Firstly, its styling sets it apart, at the crux of a motorbike and a pedal-bike… and that’s a good thing too, since The Outlaw Tracker is an electric bike. With pedals on the outside, and a 3,000-watt hub motor on the inside, the bicycle can hit speeds of 36 mph (in Race Mode… It goes up to 20 mph when driven in its Street Mode). A 702 watt-hour battery sits at the very center, the heart of the bike, supplying it with power, while acting as a heat sink, but more importantly, giving it a certain gravitas as well as visual mass.

The styling of the Outlaw Tracker however is something to write home about. Embodying an aesthetic that is very reminiscent of vintage cars, the bike looks like it has the soul of a WWII-era Porsche. However, the motorcycle style inverted-form suspension gives it a different persona… making it a one-of-a-kind car-inspired, motorcycle-esque, electric bike! (Only 50 units of the Outlaw Tracker bikes will be produced, so maybe not literally one-of-a-kind, but definitely a rare piece indeed!)

Designers: Vintage Electric & Emory Motorsports.

Buy from Vintage Electric: $6,995