The future of buses is without drivers


There seems to be a lot of hype and talk about personal autonomous vehicles, and rightly so – but now comes the time for autonomous public transport. And one of the more exciting concepts of late is the Neoplan Aero 24-7 designed by Laura Lang, Daniel Brunsteiner & Ivo Wawer. Aero 24-7 is an aerodynamic high-efficiency coach that travels non-stop during night and day. The integrated autonomous driving mode lets the driver take his break while driving. Providing a private jet experience gives passengers the possibility to use their travel time efficiently by working or sleeping during the journey.

The design language found draped over this concept is one of high class and an elegant high-tech vehicle. This concept appeals to users of all lifestyles and status, with an array of features and interior nuances to make that overnight journey a blessing in disguise. Requiring several iterations, the team behind Aero 24-7 ran their initial model through an aerodynamic simulator in order to find the best efficient version of the vehicle, adjusting the height and form along the way.

There are some really lovely design choices here that stand out above the rest. The seat cushions are connected and can move freely. By changing the seat position, the upper and lower cushion climbs into the seat case which serves as a noise canceling hood and provides privacy during sleep. The driver’s cockpit is something special, offering an escape from the rest of the cabin. Positioned in the middle of the vehicle, the Aero 24-7’s driver is accompanied by an array of gadgets and gizmos, enabling the driver for the best in-transit experience. This is indeed one gorgeous looking vehicle and would be welcomed with open arms.

Designers: Laura Lang, Daniel Brunsteiner & Ivo Wawer.