Make your regular car instantly autonomous!

Clip a cover onto your phone, and it becomes an Alexa smart speaker, put a small tile on your keys and never lose them again, install X-Matik’s LaneCruise add-on system in your car and you now have a partially self-driving vehicle. The system itself consists of a “brainbox” which is located below the driver’s seat, a camera projecting forward from the rear-view mirror, a break and gas pedal along with a wheel controller to steer.

X-Matik’s vision is to democratize the self-driving car and give the power of this magnificent technology to people who can’t afford the likes of Tesla and other high-end vehicles. If at any stage the LaneCruise feels it is out of its depth, the system will prompt the user to regain control of the steering wheel ensuring maximum safety. Albeit the LaneCruise is missing sonar and radar, this is an exhilarating step in the right direction.

Designer: X-Matik

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