The New Face of Physical Therapy

By new face… I mean yours! Imagine having an avatar modeled after yourself that would help guide you every step of the way to recover from injuries. That’s the idea behind Spark – a new augmented reality system. Personalized physical therapy programs can be developed by doctors and therapists and assigned to patients based on their injuries or personal goals. Patients can train from the comfort of home or receive a technology-enhanced physical therapy session on location.

The design is comprised of 2 intelligent projectors and an infrared depth sensor that work in tandem to train as well as track movement. The floor projector will guide you through movements while the wall projector will display your personal avatar which simulates human-like movements. Both provide visual feedback to improve and correct your technique. The system will also track your progress over time, track your progress over time, and make suggestions for improvement along the way.

Designers: James Simmons, Gonzalo Gelso, Hwanghah Jeong, Dipali Bajaj & Zhaolin Cai