The Quest for Real Unique Police Bikes

Last time we had a design by Ciprian Frunzeanu, it was insane. In a good way. Today he’s re-inventing the standard Police bicycle. At the moment, there’s four main brands that produce Police-specific bikes: KHS, Fuji, Marin, and Smith+Wesson*. THey all look and function basically exactly like… well… every other bike. What Frunezeanu does here is try to set the P-bike aside completely.

I love my donuts too, and I look forward to the day when police are no longer referred to as pigs, but more police on bicycles is a thing I’d like to see. Especially in parks, and around downtown in the big city.

Check out these concept renderings below and take note of the following:

Unique design, 3D branding of the bike for the Police.

Storage space accessible by the rider without getting off the bike.

Built-in GPS mapping (seeing a lot of this in designs lately, yes?)

Siren (activate by switch on left handlebar).

Honeycomb structure on the wheels for low likelihood of popping.

Pedals that power the electronics on the bike.

Carbon fiber body and wheel spokes.

Designer: Ciprian Frunzeanu


Police Bike by Ciprian Frunzeanu