The Quest for Real Unique Police Bikes

Last time we had a design by Ciprian Frunzeanu, it was insane. In a good way. Today he’s re-inventing the standard Police bicycle. At the moment, there’s four main brands that produce Police-specific bikes: KHS, Fuji, Marin, and Smith+Wesson*. THey all look and function basically exactly like… well… every other bike. What Frunezeanu does here is try to set the P-bike aside completely.

I love my donuts too, and I look forward to the day when police are no longer referred to as pigs, but more police on bicycles is a thing I’d like to see. Especially in parks, and around downtown in the big city.

Check out these concept renderings below and take note of the following:

Unique design, 3D branding of the bike for the Police.

Storage space accessible by the rider without getting off the bike.

Built-in GPS mapping (seeing a lot of this in designs lately, yes?)

Siren (activate by switch on left handlebar).

Honeycomb structure on the wheels for low likelihood of popping.

Pedals that power the electronics on the bike.

Carbon fiber body and wheel spokes.

Designer: Ciprian Frunzeanu


Police Bike by Ciprian Frunzeanu







  • spyearpiece says:

    I think it’s absolutely gorgeous… The world would be a better place with people riding such bicycles πŸ™‚

  • Matt says:

    It’s all sweet and colorful, but… but there are many issues in such design that would simply not work.

    If any of You ever tried riding a bike with a disk wheel (like on the back), and still combined with much covered front one (!), You would know that this is a tricky thing to get a control of. Sidewinds really do exist and this does matter.

    Such disk wheels have the most use on the track bikes – on the track – inside. (Also used for time trial runs on the road.. ok)

    Other than the one issue I mentioned and few other I won’t bother to, it maybe is a nice colorful experience.
    But still, as a bike lover or maybe even connoisseur, i must say – this whole thing just doesn’t add up for a great looking bike πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the work though!

  • Justin says:

    :))) I would really like to see romanian police officers riding this bike in towns like Bucharest, Brasov etc. :)))

    Anyway, Ciprian – Great bike design !

    P.S. Do you think you can design some police cars ? πŸ™‚

  • mif991 says:

    I like the liquid frame form, real nice presentation. Good job. But let me ask you this, do you have any idea how much a product like this would cost to produce and will it be competitive to what is available now? As designers, we do need to consider these issues as critical if we are to take a professional design seriously. If we are asked to critique this as a student work or futuristic exercise, and cost is not an issue then you get an A+.

  • M Robinsom says:

    Dear Sirs

    For police? google search robbobike
    Now thats a bike Regards “ROBBO”

  • ranjix says:

    Nice looking bike, love the MED-kit on it…
    This aside, IMO some problems left to be resolved:
    – communication with police station, while pedaling like crazy (pursuing criminals)
    – ability to take immediate pictures/movies of what’s going on
    – since we are talking Romania, anti-stray dogs device
    – a simple manual, which could be followed by the romanian police agents πŸ˜€

    • Leeroy says:

      correction: – since we are talking Romania – anti-stray dog killer darts!
      You aren’t solving anything with pepper spray! The West has a free ticket they don’t have dogs, why can’t we get there?

  • AlienzExist says:

    Nice project, but the form language doesn’t say police or ruggedness. I would take design cues from more authority-provoking things like police cars, weapons…

  • Leeroy says:

    I tried an in-triangle case myself on a normal bicycle and it was much too difficult to control because of side-winds (let alone coupled with disk wheels!).
    It’s really too bad because that’s a wonderful space to use… but apparently available only in places devoid of any wind πŸ˜›

  • techenet says:

    Great project !!! …but for police! I want one for me !!!! πŸ™‚

  • techenet says:

    Great project !!! …but for police! I want one for me !!!! πŸ™‚

  • miniearpiece says:

    I think it would be a better place with people riding such bicycles

  • earpiece says:

    I love the design.

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