The cooker that never wastes rice!


Asia’s most consumed grain is also asia’s most wasted. Rice is a staple in most parts of asia, but is never fully consumed. What do you do with a cupful of rice left over from a meal? There’s nothing you CAN do with it… it’s too little to store in the fridge, so it gets thrown away.

Ronald Tan’s idea is that even a small portion of leftover rice is food nevertheless, and should not be treated as waste. The Mirai Rice Cooker is designed to not just flawlessly cook your rice (with multiple settings on its control panel), but it also allows you to transform your leftover rice into crispy rice cakes for a post-meal snack! The base of the cooker comes molded with a pattern that allows you to place your leftover rice into triangular pieces. The Mirai then cooks the rice into flat crispy cakes that can be easily scooped off with the spatula that comes built into the Mirai. The inner surface of the cooker comes with a teflon coating to ensure your rice grains never get stuck to the Mirai, making it not just easier to cook with, but also keep clean!

The Mirai Rice Cooker is a Red Dot Design Concept Award winner for the year 2017.

Designer: Ronald Tan