Everything at your bedside!

The bed is a magical place where muscles refuse to work. I’ve actually (and I’m not proud of it) slept in the heat because I was too comfy in bed to get up and walk over to my table where the air conditioner’s remote was kept. In fact when I’m in bed, I suddenly feel the need to have a butler who can pass me the TV remote, or my mobile, or a magazine or newspaper.

The Bedside Caddy by Kikkerland isn’t really a butler, but it achieves the same goal. Allows you to keep everything within arm’s reach so you don’t have to ever disrupt your comfy sleeping position to grab the TV remote or a magazine. It sits right off the side of the bed like a little folder, with compartments for your phone, remote, pen and paper, and even magazines and books. Just reach out to the edge of the bed and everything you need is within arm’s access because no one likes attaining that position of highest comfort in bed, just to have to get out of it because you need to grab something from your study table or bookshelf.

The Bedside Caddy comes in a nice gray felt that’s soft and expandable, allowing you to store a good deal of stuff in it. It tucks right between your mattress and the bed making sure the caddy never slips out with your stuff in it. When not in use, it folds into a nice flat-pack, allowing you to even store it underneath your mattress!

Designer: Kikkerland