Filmmaking’s biggest innovation yet

The Gnarbox as a product is EXACTLY what you’d expect from the crowdfunding community. It’s an incredibly versatile product that solves a concrete consumer problem beautifully. You don’t see large companies making products like these because companies seldom see through the eyes of the consumer. The Gnarbox comes from that niche place that does, making it an absolute winner of a product, and something that potentially changes the landscape of cinematography.

So what exactly is the Gnarbox? Think of it as your all-in-one solution to pretty much every photography/videography and editing woe. This rugged device allows you to store every image and video you capture in full resolution (RAW and 4K) to a single rugged disk. DSLR? GoPro? Drone? Phone? All your media content gets integrated and sorted beautifully into one single device. However, that’s not the magical bit… because the Gnarbox isn’t a hard-drive. It’s a remote computer. With the Gnarbox, you can immediately and professionally edit photos AND videos on the go… without a laptop. The Gnarbox pairs with a mobile app to allow you to edit your content, creating slideshows and elaborate movies even, on your smartphone/tablet! Before you scoff and ask me where one would get the computing power to work with RAW images and 4K video on your phone, let me tell you that the Gnarbox comes beefed up with a quad-core GPU and RAM. This means you can edit full-resolution media on your phone or tablet, remotely, while all the magic happens within the Gnarbox. The app comes with all professional features, allowing you to make incredibly complex videos and show-reels using footage directly from your photo/video capturing device. You can even share the content in its full-resolution glory with other people, all through your phone! Think about it. We may one day be making/editing Oscar-winning movies and documentaries… completely on our phones.

An absolute god-sent for traveling photographers and filmmakers, the Gnarbox does three incredible things. It securely stores all your data from all your devices in one single place. It eliminates the need to carry your laptop with you to edit insanely heavy files. Lastly, as a creative, it allows you to instantly work on your projects, saving crucial time while also making sure you can easily begin creating content as soon as inspiration strikes!

Designer: Gnarbox