Finding Comfort With A Bag

We touched upon Autism when we showcased the Beagle scarf-hoodie, but that was more of a security comforter than an interactive design. Mary-Bean is a clear bag with multiple handles and is inspired by a special young lady with Autism. Collaborating with the teen and an occupational therapist, Emily Lin derived this amazing interactive carrier.

The bag promotes social interaction when the autistic child allows another person to hold the bag with him. The contents of the bag are clearly visible; hence it augments security and accessibility.

Designer: Emily Lin


  • Carl says:

    very moving piece of design. easy to dismiss at first, but then it does make sence. could easily see this working, even for regular children who dont share..

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I know squat about autistic kids, but if this does work, it’s fantastic. Good idea!
    And I agree with Carly up there.

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