Grillin’ like a villain

Instead of using firewood as fuel, the Sportes MITI-001 uses firewood as the barbecue itself. Holding quarter wedges of log together in a format used in Europe for centuries (known as the Swedish Log), the stainless steel log grill provides an efficient and fast way to cook food out in the open. Its size makes it easier to heat larger utensils of food and water more quickly, while the flat surface makes it easy to rest pots and pans on it directly.

Rather lightweight (especially compared to other grills its size), the MITI-001 is just a small plate, laser cut out of 304L Stainless Steel sheet and bent into its shape. It rests on top of cut logs, holding them together with pins on four sides, and can adapt to logs both small and large. Once done, the MITI-001 can slip right into your bag and carried around, making it probably the most portable BBQ grill for its size!

Designer: Cédric Sportes of Sportes Outdoor Tools