Leica’s Retro-outside Modern-inside camera

Named after Oskar Barnack, the man who developed Leica’s first and also the world’s first handheld camera, the Leica CL Oskar’s Legacy pays tribute to the one man who changed our world by making cameras portable devices.

Designed to stand at the crux of Leica’s rich heritage and technological prowess, the Leica CL is the best of all worlds. The mirrorless camera comes with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor as well as Leica’s Maestro II processor that delivers beautifully crisp ultra-HD images as well as 4K video at 30fps. The CL also sports a massive EyeRes viewfinder with 2.36 million dots making it possibly the largest viewfinder to date. On the top, right behind the shutter button sits an LCD that displays settings, battery, and exposure, keeping you on top of your shot with all the information you need right where your eye can see it. On either side of the LCD lie two programmable rings and secondary-function buttons that you can customize to your own requirement.

The aesthetic of Leica’s cameras haven’t seen much of a change ever since Oskar’s UR (Liliputkamera) model developed in 1914, and a good thing too, because that very aesthetic from 1914 went on to define Leica’s visual language. Slender, elegant geometric bodies that compressed the camera’s design to its essentials, making it a pure representation of what cameras should look like, even down to their hand-friendly dimensions. Leica still embraces that heritage, more so with the Leica CL Oskar’s Legacy, creating a camera that echoes everything that was good and groundbreaking in the early days, while making sure the camera itself performed to a superior standard that has kept Leica at the very pinnacle of the camera world for over a century!

Designer: Leica