Is this panini spatula the greatest 21st century invention or another dust gathering kitchen tool?

Whenever a one of a kind product comes out, it always sparks some form of debate. We have the enthusiasts and then the naysayers. I guess you could say the same for the Chef’n Panini Spatula. There are those who doubt its relevance and actual usage in a kitchen, but for anyone who has burnt their fingers while trying to pick up a panini or sandwich from the grill, you know the potential this product possesses!

Williams Sonoma’s Chef’n Panini Spatula has one aim; to be your handy sidekick while you prepare some paninis. It’s your usual everyday spatula except it has a “strip down the center of the handle (that) guides slicing”. The wide platform helps to scoop the sandwich off the grill preventing any collateral damage to your fingertips. It “simplifies lifting even the largest sandwiches.” Now the slit down the middle allows you to place a knife within it, enabling you to hold down the sandwich, and cut it in half without any of your precious ingredients oozing out!

Of course, the question arises whether such a product is even needed in our kitchens, but for home cooks like me whose fall back option after a long tiring day is always the humble sandwich, the Chef’n Spatula is sure going to make my life easier!

Designer: Williams Sonoma