Re-Source – Better Kitchens for the Future

Here is a very special sneak-peek at what the students of Domus Academy have been up to. Electrolux commissioned the product design students to come up with ideas that support a better kitchen environment using existing technologies. Re-Source perceives appliances to be the best kitchen mate! Here’s a look at 9 exciting projects, some of which we will be looking at in-depth at a later stage.

On a side-note the Electrolux Design Lab registrations close on 1st May 2011 23:59 CET.

[youtube: 600 451]

1) Aeolus by Chi Rong Hsu

Aeolus is a smart extractor fan that whiffs out kitchen odors in a jiffy. It also adds space by accommodating utensils and glasses to be hung from its frame.

2) Breathe by Beyza Dogan

Breathe is a living kitchen appliance that literally ‘breathes in’ air pollutants through ionization.

3) Celcius by Marcela Vanesa Céspedes

Celcius is a kitchen waste disposal and recycling appliance, which uses enzymes to break down organic waste. Thus creating energy to heat your home.

4) Chefiamo by Jervis Chua

‘Chefiamo’ is a virtual cookbook that allows preserving traditional styles of cooking and inspires you with its recipes being projected to screen.

5) CLEAiR by Ariadna Tellez Rossell

CLEAiR is an air purifier that keeps you updated about the air quality at home.

6) Fulcrum by Surbhi Singhal

Fulcrum is a multifunctional modular kitchen that fits in a lot more than you think or expect.

7) KEWA (Kinetic Efficient Water Appliance) by Pietro Russomanno

KEWA uses air pressure for cleaning dishes. It directs water through kinetic jets to create a ‘water-blade’ That cleans pretty efficiently.

8 ) Wine by Jung Kun Choi

‘Wine’ is a wall mounted wine showcase that allows you to display and keep your wines at optimal temperatures.

9) Jumble by Zahira Ivelisse Crespo

Jumble is a flexible set of induction cooking plates that facilitate easy transfer of cooking vessels to different temperate zones.