Chic and Consious Toothbrushes

Gotta love these custom toothbrushes by Yumaki! The series of 3 includes: KIRI- a steam pressed bamboo handle with burnmark, FURUI KAME, a faux tortoise shell handle with metal badge, and KICKFLIP, a biodegradable sugar cane plastic handle with lasered texture. Each brush also utilizes antibacterial bamboo charcoal blended nylon bristles for extended lifespan and enhanced hygiene. Do want! But wait there’s more…

The FURUI KAME style is completely random and every handle has a completely unique pattern. But our QC goes through every single handle and picks out only the best looking patterns to put in the range. The toothbrushes that are less aesthetically on point (but still high quality) are donated to third-world orphans. Some styles are more difficult to get right than others and therefore more are donated. More than 1 and a half toothbrushes are donated for every toothbrush sold.

The KICKFLIP brush  with the sugar cane plastic handle takes about 6-8 months to biodegrade in a regular compost, but since bristles still are made in nylon (as with the KIRI bamboo toothbrush), the head should be cut off (and thrown away) before starting the decomposing process. (To speed up the process, the handle can be cut up in smaller pieces.)

Yumaki also offers an ultra-thin toothpick! 1/4th the size of a normal toothpick, it is cut directly from the branch of a special type of bamboo with extremely thin branches which makes it very flexible. It is the closest an organic toothpick can come to being floss since it is so thin it can go straight between teeth.

Designer: Yumaki