If the Iron Throne were a plush pillow

I can almost guarantee that Game of Thrones would have looked a lot cooler had they put this polystyrene filled, wool felt chair in it instead. Maybe not cooler, but more playful. The Narl Chair is an Omnidirectional rocking chair, with a rocking base made from high-density polyurethane foam and leather hide.

Narl is the winner of the NYCxDesign student design award, and there’s a very good reason for that too. Carl Durkow, the designer of the Narl Chair, said “when an adult sits in the Narl chair, their feet are unable to touch the ground, and they are reverted to a childlike state. There is a Montessori philosophy about empowering children by giving them furniture scaled to their size so that their feet can touch the ground. I want to achieve the opposite of this.” A truly fun and exciting new chair, the Narl is everything you didn’t know you wanted.

Designer: Carl Durkow