A Very Cubed Kitchen

The Kit – Cub Kitchen is a very well thought-out plan and covers almost all the basic requirements of a kitchen space. It adopts the cubicle form and houses a fridge, microwave, sink, cutting table, modular storage cabinets, garbage bin and an electrical cooking top. What’s unique about the cabinets is that just below the sink are 2 dedicated as water tanks, one that feeds the sink and the other to collect the gray water. Now if we are careful in using green products for cleaning the dishes, I’m sure the water can be recycled to good use. Tedious labor but very rewarding!

What makes this modular kitchen effective is the choice of materials in its construction: aluminum and wood. Durable and easy to maintain, the two cubes can either be placed as a traditional straight seamless counter, or given an elective bend. Whatever suits your home!

Designer: Paul Mauduit