The Bone Mouse doesn’t follow ergonomic design by the book

With a profile that one can best describe as influenced by Ross Lovegrove’s iconic Andromeda Lamp, the Bone Mouse experiments with form and mass… or rather the lack of it.

This is the Bone Mouse, a mouse that’s skeletal in form, yet functional. Based off an older design of Jin’s, the Bone Mouse retains the mouse’s most crucial surface, its top, and turns the rest of the mouse into a voronoi playground. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable holding the Bone Mouse would be, but I imagine one’s fingers would easily get used to the negative spaces. In fact, they’d probably go on to become fidget-worthy, as our thumb runs up and down the hollow spaces.

Sticking to its bony, basic aesthetic, the mouse is even devoid of details like buttons or scroll-wheels. Instead, the mouse’s entire top surface is touch-sensitive, allowing you to tap, scroll, or even pinch to interact with digital elements!

Designer: Lingsong Jin