This smart-cap keeps your roads safe

There’s nothing more apocalyptic than a truck driver feeling drowsy behind the wheel. What’s scary is that there’s little you can do to avert these sorts of disasters because truckers usually work overnight shifts and over long distances, making it a true hazard.

Ford sought to tackle this problem with the SafeCap, a rather innocuous looking cap that actually houses an accelerometer that can detect when a driver’s head tilts forwards, backwards, or sideways. When it does so, lights on the lip of the cap immediately light up to alert the driver, while a sound and vibration unit gently nudges the driver back into reality almost immediately. Working much like the Pavlok, using lights, audio signals, and vibrations to keep one alert and aware, the SafeCap won’t make a driver feel less sleepy, but it will make sure he/she doesn’t drowse off at the wheel.

Designer: Ford