Soopa Downhill

How fast would you like to go downhill, head first, on two wheels? Pretty much super fast? I’ve got something for you right here. It’s called the “Soopa Scoota” and it’s designed by a designer by the name of Liron Bobrov. And it’s wild. It’s made specifically for “extreme sport lovers.” I do wonder if that means two people who are very in love with one another who like to make that love physical while rolling down a hill really fast, or if it means people who go to the x-games?

Either way: awesome.

There’s not much to say about this scooter in the way of specific physical details, ironically, but what we do know here is that you lie on it with your hands up by your face controlling your stylish speedfest down the hill, and that you roll so very very fast. Yay!

Designer: Liron Bobrov

Soopa Scoota by Liron Bobrov