Soopa Downhill

How fast would you like to go downhill, head first, on two wheels? Pretty much super fast? I’ve got something for you right here. It’s called the “Soopa Scoota” and it’s designed by a designer by the name of Liron Bobrov. And it’s wild. It’s made specifically for “extreme sport lovers.” I do wonder if that means two people who are very in love with one another who like to make that love physical while rolling down a hill really fast, or if it means people who go to the x-games?

Either way: awesome.

There’s not much to say about this scooter in the way of specific physical details, ironically, but what we do know here is that you lie on it with your hands up by your face controlling your stylish speedfest down the hill, and that you roll so very very fast. Yay!

Designer: Liron Bobrov

Soopa Scoota by Liron Bobrov





  • Hunter says:

    looks good from the side. WAY to bulky in 3d. Loose the crazy wheels, go to bike-frame carbon and you can go way faster for cheaper.

    • It seems like a great idea that is allowing overdesign to prevent it from actually happening or being tested. With more conventional parts and a welding torch it could be built in a weekend.

      Also, I’m not convinced I can see how the above design actually steers. It looks like the only moving piece is the flexible hinge in the middle.

  • reality says:

    my neck hurts just by looking at this. look at the angle of the head! ouch.

  • Iceseven says:

    The position of the head is not the problem. The position is not that different of skis or motorbikes.
    But the edge at crotch-level does not look that comfy…

  • Confucius says:

    Looks like its straight out of a concept design book from 1992.

  • PE says:

    As seen before, but did not explain in such detail

  • c3coinc says:

    that’s the batpod but without an engine

  • Alienzexist says:

    Extreme? sure. Painful? definitely. Ergonomic? What’s that?

  • dustin says:

    as for steering.. at high speeds turning isn’t much good, so leaning is how it’s done (a-la superbikes, high speed ice-skating etc)
    there doesn’t seem to be much of a lean angle on this thing.. touchdown while taking a bend at speed ain’t pretty. sharp looking, but maybe a little less than practical

  • Seenitbefore says:

    If I have to see another impossible, magical, hubless rim-mounted bearing system, I will hunt down the designer and slap them with a white glove to challenge them to a dual. Learn some basic physics OR actually think out how it will work AND explain its inherent benefits over current technology. Stop mindlessly carbon-copying every single concept since 1990 Art Center catalog came out (or whatever).
    In addition:
    1) Tires are a bit too wide for the application.
    2) Ergonomic nightmare. Even for short 5 min rides.
    3) The pivot in the frame is either a shock or for folding. If it’s a shock, where the hell is the damper? I assume “hidden in the frame” along with the hydraulic brakelines, the steering and… where are the brakes anyway All I see is pivotless levers? If it folds, why? There is no real substantial space savings. Might as well add a toothpick and magnifying glass while you’re at it.
    3) Sharp edges of the form, do not conform to the body or promote comfort. Think high speed collisions.
    4) Might want to add some arm protection; sliders/fairings.

    “Beautiful” looks alone don’t solve or create exciting products. Function must occur as well.

    Now I feel like I’m redesigning it…

  • Vefa Erdem says:

    Downhill? You mean down thru a HILL right? You will probably destroy your knees (at least) when you do a downhill with this.

  • Asmodeus says:

    Split the back wheel into two and bring it into the bedroom…

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