YD Handpicks: 2017 Cyber Monday Gift Guide!


Not to be confused with last Friday’s Gift Guide, the Cyber Monday Gift Guide is here to fulfill all your technology-related needs and fantasies! From work tools, to tech-toys, from safety gear, to consumer electronics, this guide has you covered!

01. Cube Pico Projector by RIF6
Carry your presentation skills with you, your netflix date nights with you, your pool party movie scenes with you. Basically carry the Cube Pico Projector with you. The 2 inch cube literally fits in the span of your palm and can project a 120 inch screen at full resolution. Armed with its own LED light source that lasts over 20,000 hours, a battery, SD Card input, and even speakers of its own, the Cube can wow at the office or even bring a party alive! Did we also mention it comes with a tripod?




02. AirBar by NeoNode
There’s a clear UX gap between your phone/tablet, and your laptop. Even though the laptop comes with a tactile keyboard, it doesn’t make sense that the experience is completely touch-free. The AirBar adds a touch layer to your laptop screen. Built for different screen sizes, all you do is line the AirBar up to your screen using its reference lines and plug the USB in and Voila, your screen is now a touch screen for not just your fingers, but everything from styluses to even paint-brushes! A complete boon for app designers looking to prototype their apps out, or for digital designers who want to use their laptop screen as a tablet input device!




03. Kindle Oasis by Amazon
There have been quite a few debates between book lovers and tech lovers about what’s superior. The e-book reader or the actual physical book. The Kindle Oasis is the winning argument for the e-book reader community because you can now read books in the pool, bathtub, at the beach, and even in the rain (if your tinder bio contains the words sapiosexual and pluviophile). The first and only Kindle with an IPx8 rating, the device is pretty much waterproof. It comes with an e-ink screen that feels just as natural type on paper, and two buttons on the side that allow you to flip/toggle between pages, and is probably the only way you can read books underwater.




04. Vitrima by Fantem
What if you could kick back, and watch footage from your last holiday in 3D? That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? What if you could film 3D with your regular GoPro? Vitrima is just a simple attachment that lets one single lens film two separate left and right channels. Using a clever arrangement of mirrors, the Vitrima can film 3D content on your regular GoPro and watch it back in 3D either on your 3D ready TV screen or even a VR headset!




05. Soundgrenade+ by B A S U
The Sound Grenade+ acts as a criminal deterrent by blasting loud sound waves. You can use it as a tripwire, tying the pin and base via thread, or happily hang it on your backpack, for safety reasons. When you feel threatened, pop the pin out (this would happen if someone triggered the tripwire too) and the sound grenade lets out a shrill siren (which works under water too), effectively alarming the culprit. This incredibly loud and effective safety thumb-drive shaped safety alarm will ring continuously for 30 minutes if the pin on top gets removed, unless said pin is replaced on the base. Rugged and waterproof, the Sound Grenade+ is heavily recommended for travelers, students, and women, effectively replacing items like the rape whistle. It can even provide an instant alarm for people outdoors against predators or attackers.




06. La Metric by La Metric
Your own personal alarm clock for literally everything, the La Metric brings meaningful updates to life by notifying you about anything you may need from a ping for a new mail, to a bleep when your uber arrives, to a dong when your favorite football team scores, to even just a running ticker of your twitter homepage or bitcoin price. You decide how the La Metric serves you and leave everything else to the awesomeness that is this universal notifications black-box!



07. OIO Amp by Gregg Davis
The OIO Amp puts two incredibly sleek vibrating acoustic panel speakers on either side of your iPad in a format that seems like a TV and Home Theater set-up, but made portable. Unlike every external wireless speaker that is designed as an independent unit, the OIO Amp was built to integrate with the tablet, becoming a singular unit that can be opened out anywhere, and then folded and stored away for another Netflix binge-watching session. That’s right. The OIO Amp turns your iPad into an iCinema!




08. TinyArcade by TinyCircuits
If you want to keep your fingers busy and active, I suggest you ditch the fidget spinner for something on the lines of the TinyArcade. Modeling itself after the arcade consoles as we know them, these lilliputian arcades are literally the size of your finger, going to show how far we’ve come in the past 30 years! Loaded with a joystick and two buttons, the arcade runs games (Tetris, Flappy Birds, Street Racer and Space Invader, to name a few) off a MicroSD that fits right inside this incredible, palm-sized arcade!