This tape-measure makes a good ‘point’


Recently, we’ve seen a burst of innovation around safety equipment and construction tools which has led to some exciting new views and design language choices. The Tape Measure by Youngdo Choi is no exception here. When using a tape measure, the addition of a pencil, pen or anything with the ability to leave a mark is of immediate use but is usually an afterthought and leads to a frantic search to find the nearest sharp object. The Tape Measure resolves this inconvenience by using a retractable pencil lead, located under the mouth of the tape, to mark the measurements at the desired length. As for the slim, soft, disk-like shape of the Tape Measure, the overall design language is inviting and warm. In the white version, when the pencil lead is activated, the slider changes color, similar to that of the iPhone volume slot and various other dual-option sliders. This is not the case in the black version, and I can’t help but feel the vibrant color contrast on the white slider makes it seem somewhat tied to smartphones which I’m happy that it isn’t.

Designer: Youngdo Choi