LEGO creations by master builders that showcase why LEGO is not just a children’s toy: Part 6

LEGO building is no more child’s play! Today, master builders and artists build impressive and intricate LEGO creations that will leave you stunned. They are no less than works of art, with immense efforts, time, and energy being dedicated to them. I love scrolling through these creations, admiring them, and feeling an intense surge of satisfaction at their perfection. So, here’s a list of some extraordinary builds that I hope will give you that same feeling of satisfaction. Enjoy!

Using over 100,000 LEGO pieces, designer Ekow Nimako imagines the Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE a Ghanaian metropolis 1000 years in the future. This artwork is the centerpiece for his exhibition titled Building Black Civilizations and showcases details like nothing you have ever seen before, almost reminiscent of the Game of Thrones title sequence!

Nick Crocco built the beloved VW Bus, but instead of wheels, he gave the classic automobile – legs! The cute little red and white structure reminds me of a Transformer. This is one Transformer I wouldn’t mind watching on the big screen!

Swan Dutchman created the mask of Tutankhamun! The ancient Egyptian Pharoah has always been a source of curiosity, and this mask does him complete justice. Initially, Dutchman built the mask using 16,000 lego pieces and is displayed at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, however, he downscaled the number of elements used and created a smaller and more compact version.

This LEGO creation is basically Cyberpunk architecture come to life! The attention to detail, use of multiple colors, and towering height make this structure a complete eyecatcher. LEGO fanatic @geng_3dboy even added miniatures cars and buses to his work of art. I love the automobile detailing!

Andrew James Steele built a mind-blowing Bionicle and named it Gallow! The electric blue build reminds me of a dragon if it was from the year 2050. Futuristic, equipped with sharp teeth, claws, spikes, and the works, it’s one impressive work of art.

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken items with gold has gained immense popularity nowadays. And LEGO TSUGI has been inspired by Kintsugi, you can now repair broken objects with LEGO, instead of gold! How cool is that?

The Mandalorian has become one of the most popular shows today, Star Wars fans are going gaga over it, and LEGO has decided to join the hype! This Mandalorian-inspired build by Chris Rose complete with a baby Yoda (of course) and Razor Crest is truly an ode to the show.

The White Spirit Wolf appears frequently in Native American lore and is a part of their spirituality and legends. Michael Kanemoto created this spirit wolf using Mixel ball joints and LEGO pieces, building what he believes to be the “LEGO equivalent to an art sculpture”.



Ekow Nimako builds mesmerizing LEGO sculptures using only black bricks! The ‘Flower Girl’ is one of his most popular creations, and she made her debut at the 2019 Urban Contemporary Art Biennale in Berlin.

Christmas is literally a few days away, and Laurent Delcroix (laurent_delcroix) created a LEGO Santa being flooded by a whole array of letters from children all over the world. I guess it’s going to be a busy Christmas for him.