YD Handpicks: 2017 Black Friday Gift Guide!


The season of giving (even if it means giving unto oneself) is upon us and we present to you the consolidated 2017 Black Friday Gift Guide… a list of products that wowed us, from the year gone by. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the YD Family!

P.S. Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday Gift Guide that drops at the beginning of next week!

01. Lensball by Lensball
Uplift your photography game with the Lensball, a perfect, resilient, scratchproof K9 crystal orb that adds a beautiful dimension to your photographs!




02. Porthole Infuser by Crucial Detail
Offering a window into the infusion process, the Porthole Infuser allows you to make the most visually and gustatorily beautiful infused cocktails, syrups, oils, dressings, and even cold-brewed artisan teas and coffees!



03. This Book Is A Camera by Kelli Anderson
Open it up, fold here, secure a flap there, and the book actually turns into a working camera! Complete with a set of photosensitive papers that you can slide in to capture shots, the book will literally teach you how a camera works… by example!



04. YoYo Mat by Aaron Thornton & Yu Tsai
It’s a good thing you’ve already meditated first, because rolling up a yoga mat after you’re done is frustrating AF. It’s also a good thing the YoYo Mats don’t need rolling up. Just flip the mat over and it magically rolls itself up (correctly) every time! Yes. Magically!




05. Tangram Smart Skipping Rope by Deokhee Jeong (Tangram Factory)
Skip away and your skipping count will reveal itself to you! The Tangram Smart Skipping Rope contains a series of LEDs that light up at your eye level, showing you your skip count. The LEDs rely on human persistence of vision and each consecutive skip pushes your skip count by one. No more keeping track, because the Tangram does it for you!




06. Pangolin by Cyclus
Repurposed from old bike tire tubes, the Pangolin is hands down the most unique looking bag we’ve seen in a very long time! Designed to mimic the pangolin’s hard exterior, the backpack consists of a foldable hemispherical design that’s ideal not just for storing laptops and other items, but even motorcycle helmets. Plus, the Pangolin was even featured in X-Men Days of Future Past!




07. Home Aquaponics Fish Tank by Back to the Roots
Designed to mimic a natural ecosystem, the Home Aquaponics Water Tank creates a wonderful self-sustaining ecosystem where an aquarium and terrarium live off each other’s waste, beautifully displaying the relationship between flora and fauna. Not just your ordinary fishbowl the Home Aquaponics Fish Tank can serve as your own mini-kitchen herb-garden too! The system creates a closed loop where the fish waste becomes a natural fertilizer for the plants, who in turn clean the aquarium, providing the fish with pristine filtered water. Available with its own set of organic seeds, you can grow sprouts and herbs of your own to use in your meals!




08. Handpresso by Handpresso
Literally the size of a deodorant spray-can, the Handpresso is a full-fledged espresso machine that’s pretty much as portable as a sachet of instant coffee, meaning you won’t have to settle for crappy coffee on the go anymore. The Handpresso just needs to be filled with hot water and coffee grounds and it vacuum brews a nice, creamy shot of Espresso. Then it simply slides back into your handbag or backpack! Now isn’t that just convenient!?




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