A Fidget Toy Fit for CEOs


Someone clearly looked at the fidget spinner and concluded that it was noisy, unsafe, childish, and a total waste of time. That someone then went on to redesign it, perfect it, and then the ONO Roller was born. Fidget spinners are toys, the ONO Roller is a mentally and physically therapeutic product.

Touted as the professional way to fidget, the ONO is calming, safe, and most importantly, noiseless. It doesn’t distract you from your work, and the fact that it doesn’t make noise as well (as compared to fidget spinners/cubes or those clicking pens) makes it ideal for the workplace… a place where stress is usually at its highest point. The ONO models itself on a roller… Built with two rolling drums and an I shaped midpiece, the ONO can not only be used discreetly as a fidget spinner/roller to help maintain focus and keep your hands busy, but its inherent design allows it to work as a massager as well. Perfect for distracted minds as well as sore muscles, the ONO is great for long hours at the office, or unwinding on weekends, or just rolling against your sore muscles after a strenuous gym session.

Made entirely from machined aluminum, the ONO feels robust and solid to hold. The metallic surface is hard and can really de-stress those muscles, plus its cold smooth metal body feels great in the palms. For a roller/spinner touted as a professional stress-relieving product, the ONO comes in color variants fitting to be placed in any office. Available in the classic silver, anodized black, and rose gold variants, you can choose a fidget roller that matches your smartphone, or your office decor. The ONO helps you maintain focus, stay relaxed, and keeps bad habits like nail biting or foot tapping at bay. Fidget spinners are for pre-pubescents and teenagers. The ONO Roller is for boosting productivity and focus in the active workplace.

Designer: Ari Horowitz

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By curling your fingers or lightly squeezing your hand, ONO will rotate and roll within your fingers. Change direction by curling your fingers in reverse. ONOs patent pending design engages your entire hand in a continuous, effortless motion.


How often do find yourself impulsively reaching for your phone just to stay occupied? Alternately, pick up an ONO Roller to keep your hand and mind active instead of distracted! The rotating movement keeps your fingers, hand, and forearm in use at all times, helping to promote dexterity all while having fun.








Click here to Buy Now: $18.00 $36.00