When Apple, Tesla, & SpaceX Make Power Banks


Every year, it seems as though the day-to-day hustle gets busier and busier, and we find ourselves searching for more hours in the day. With more hours, more energy is needed, and we’re not the only ones who find ourselves out of energy – our devices are running out of power more frequently than not. For that everyday hustle or even for those outdoor escapes, the saber power pack is perfect.

The saber is ‘lifeproof’ – drop this charger as much as you wish, the saber is ultra drop and shockproof, and water/dust-resistant. Laptops, tablets, phones, drones, cameras – you name it, the saber can charge it. With the ability to even charge a MacBook Pro (the one with a USB Type C port), the saber covers a lot of ground.

The saber is not an overcomplicated form, giving nuances to the heavy-duty appearance that Romeo Power are hoping to achieve here. The fact that this power bank was designed and engineered by former employees of SpaceX, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Tesla, there is no surprise that this little guy is jam-packed full of goodness. If this beautiful piece of tech achieves what they set out to do, this could be the best power back out there.

Designer: Romeo Power Technology