Analog Hand-warmer!


I could use a product like the Cieplik. I’m one of those people whose hands go instantly ice-cold in the winters, and then I’m holding them up against my cheeks, or sitting on them to keep them warm. Just one tea-light candle away from toasty-warm hands, the Cieplik uses a base-plate and a rather alluring ceramic cover that rests on top. Relying on ceramic’s heat dissipating properties, the Cieplik uses just one simple tea-light candle on the inside to create a heat chamber inside itself. The heat then gently dissipates into the environment, not only working as a natural heater, but even encouraging you to warm your hands around this earthen fireplace! Its rippled design not only makes for a great design detail, it also helps increase the surface area so that the heat-loss around the top is higher.

Designer: Katarzyna Giedroyć