I think the best way to measure how good a design is, is to see how many lives it can truly enhance. The Press Fit by Sahar Madanat was developed initially as a surface to aid people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, but when she debuted it at the Amman Design Week 2017, she was approached by a sailor who wanted to use the same product on ships too, to prevent items from moving about or products from falling off surfaces as the ship rocked backwards and forwards. Press Fit suddenly saw itself ‘fitting’ into various scenarios.

Developed as a better and more space efficient version of the Red Dot Award winning Pushpin Tray, the Press Fit is a modular surface comprising multiple hexagonal members. These members come with a basic spring action and move down when a weight is placed on them. What you get is an intelligent grid that forms the shape of any product you place on it, effectively holding products that are placed on it. The Press Fit provides a surface that prevents products from sliding or tipping over even if tilted as much as 30 degrees. Seeing its applications in trays for the disabled/elderly/children (or even in the hospitality industry), packaging for products, or even smart surfaces to be used in cars, planes, and even ships. There are so many problems the Press Fit could solve!

Designer: Sahar Madanat Design Studio