Sony smartphone with a smartwatch dock doubles as secondary display to flash important notifications

Sony is ready to take on the big guns of the smartphone arena with Xperia 1 V flagship slated for September 2023 launch. The device will come with flagship hardware to please nerds and ultimately the buck will stop at how software-hardware integration works in real-life scenarios.

Till the time we get our hands on Sony’s latest and greatest smartphone, how about letting the imagination loose for a unique gadget that’s two separate devices but functions as one when required?

Designer: Shantanu Maheshwari

This concept is all about utilizing the back panel of a flagship Xperia device into a dock for a smartwatch dial. Dubbed Sony Smart Switch Ecosystem, the proposed Xperia WX710 phone here makes judicious use of reverse charging, while getting a cool secondary display. When the smartwatch dial is secured to the back of the phone, the visual interface changes to show only important phone notifications. This prevents you from religiously checking the main display for any missed notifications, and eventually getting stuck down the rabbit hole wasting time scrolling down content.

The mode is activated as soon as you put the smartphone face down during meetings or online work regimes. It’s like a trimmed-down secondary foldable device interface, without the nuances of the flashy gadget. When the smartwatch dial is docked in, the wearable starts drawing current from the phone and once it’s fully juiced up, the wireless charge stops. So, practically speaking you’ll not have to carry a separate charger for your Xperia smartwatch as long as you keep the WX710 phone topped up.

Still in the concept stage, the proposed ecosystem of a phone and watch is an interesting combo that not only Sony but other smartphone makers can derive inspiration. After all, the smartphone design has maxed out in evolution and a niche functionality like this one can freshen up things again. Only if the smartphone makers can ensure the phone’s back panel has secure MagSafe-like snap-and-hold properties!