Literally a spring in your step!

You may or may not have seen these shoes somewhere on the internet. Early sketches surfaced online years back and the idea took a stunning 12 years to refine into what you see today. After all, this completely changes two mammoth industries. Footwear and Sports.

The Enko doesn’t look or behave like any shoe you own. The immediate differentiating factor is the compression-spring shock absorbers on either side. Built with two modes, one for walking and the other for running, the Enko shoes work like normal shoes in the walk mode, but the minute you flip to the running mode, the spring gets engaged and adds a certain bounce to your step, making it easier on your joints when you go for long runs. Accompanied with a set of springs that are calibrated to the wearer’s weight, the user can put in the spring that suits them and then go on a run or jog that feels so effortless because your feet literally bounce off the floor, making it feel like you’re walking on air!

Already adopted in 52 countries, and designed to make runners continue running without having joint issues, the Enko come in a variety of absolutely eye-catching colors, but my favorites are the ones where the springs come in their own colors too! After all, you’d want people to see this marvel of design and technology strapped to your feet!

Designer: Enko