Can You Smell Me Now?

While I wait for my mobile phone with built-in Swiss Army Knife functionality, I will admire this latest design dubbed LAVENDER DESIGN by Andrew Seunghyun Kim. Ready for the skinny on this sleek yet stinking phone? Well first off, it has a built-in perfume dispenser of you guessed it, lavender. If that were not enticing enough, the LAVENDER DESIGN also features a built-in “LAVENDER LIGHT” that coats your phone in a bath of bacteria killing UV lights while charging. After you get past the French hooker features you may be happy to find a elegant and functional mobile phone. Careful attention was given to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) the latest frontier for Industrial Designers, where the lavender theme continues throughout. Around back is a lovely array of star-like LEDS that sparkle and pulsate a subliminal message proclaiming ones sexual affiliation. All in all, this is a solid design from a remarkable 16 year old. Keep up the good work.

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim [ Via: Product Design Forums ]